Fresh (Wet) Hop:

What Fall Means To A Beer Drinker 

Fall is not only a beautiful time of year (especially in the Pacific Northwest), but also a delicious time of year - and we're not talking about pumpkin pie or pumpkin beer ...although they are both tasty treats of this sensory-overload-of-a-season as well.

So what does it mean to 'wet' hop (fresh hop) a beer?

Simply put, to 'wet' (fresh) hop a beer means to use hops that are fresh off the vine without being processed. Fresh hops are only available during the fall. To be precise, the fresh hops themselves are available late summer -  so the freshly hopped beers then become available in the early fall after our local brewers have had their way with them. Brewing a beer with freshly picked hops is along the same lines as eating freshly picked berries rather than blending frozen ones in a smoothie - (which is still delicious!), or using real, fresh garlic in your butter rather than sprinkling on garlic salt from the seasoning aisle... it's getting your tomatoes fresh from the market instead of from a can. It's the intensity of aroma and flavor that only a fresh, juicy version can offer compared to a dried, processed version. 


Stay tuned for more on hops in Beer 101

Thank you hops for existing.

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